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Our keen to provide suitable services for our clients and to determine accurately their needs, we stream always to avail the appropriate expertise, capable to render to our clients the deliverables which are compatible with the best international professional practices and conforming to the applicable laws and regulations. Moreover, we endeavour with our utmost efforts to be a supporting professional tool to our clients that care for all their daily requirements and to secure the smooth performance of their business without any effective obstacles.

In order to prevent the occurrence of any problems and to protect our clients from falling into brown legal situations, which may hinder their business activities, we keen to provide them with advance legal support that paves the way for their operations and businesses. Based on the present situations, we try to anticipate and forecast the obstacles and problems that may be generated in the future and to formulate, prior to their occurrence, the suitable strategies for their solution so as to secure the continuity and smoothness of our clients’ business supported with legal solutions of the highest standards.

Our team members, have vast legal and Sharia’h experiences in all aspects of business, personal affairs, corporate matters, litigation and all different daily legal procedures required in the different public bodies and authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To provide our clients with comprehensive legal support and to determine their requirements with absolute accuracy, we cooperate with a number of qualified lawyers and consultants, who have high skills and vast experiences. We aim to give the targeted deliverables in a manner that secures clients’ satisfaction in all aspects. We believe that the work system will not be complete without the prevalence of a comprehensive and integrated work team that includes the component, which is able to analyse the needs andrequirements necessary for formulation of appropriate deliverables complying with the requirements of our clients.

Our Services

Our experience of determining the clients’ needs helps us to formulate the suitable work team, able to provide the proper legal and professional support to the business requirements. As a legal task may contain more than one legal field, our work team will be composed of different legal specialties covering all needs of our clients.
We provide the services, which are required for the business of the clients in a realistic manner without adding any additional unnecessary jobs. Before taking any future service for the client, we always provide the client with our work plans and the work team required to execute such plans. In order to reassure the client of our professional services, we share with the client, in a continuous manner, all details of our work.

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We care with utmost diligence for the confidentiality of our clients' business as confidentiality constitutes part of their privacy, which they require us to keep when they contract with the Firm and hand over their works. All information provided by the client will be protected and maintained in strict confidentiality. We will not disclose the name of the client or any of its business or projects.

Time frame

Some works require high degree of accuracy and urgency and therefore, we are keen to assign such works to a work team with high level of concentration and awareness, equipped with the required expertise and able to accomplish the business requirements according to the clients’ interests.


We always keen to understand clearly our clients' requirements, and to reflect them in professional satisfactory legal services. To protect our clients, we keen also to use clear legal drafting without any ambiguity or uncertainty, whether drafting in Arabic or English languages. To serve our clients in an utmost beneficial and expected manner we are not rendering only the deliverables but we will fully discuss them with the client to enhance his legal position. We are keen to review our deliverables several times to ensure their utmost suitability.

Business management mechanisms

Business deliverables will be achieved and completed only through integrated work team composing the essential skills required by the clients' files and according to the needed specialty, type and targeted quality. We consider each client's file as an essential project, for which all required skills that suit its specialty and needs should be availed and mobilized. The work team is an important component of the business management mechanism, so we always stick to this approach in providing the suitable services that comply with our clients' expectations. We believe that the client himself is the main source for knowledge, and one of the effective members of the work team, not through utilizing his efforts and time in our service but by driving from him our knowledge of his business and legal requirements. The client is the most essential element in determining the appropriate approach to be adopted by the work team and drawing the general lines for the work plan.



We and our client have one goal and we are integrating each other, so we endeavor to share with the client all actions and procedures within our professional work, concerning their business and to provide them with the deliverables that most suit their business requirements. We endeavor also to provide our clients with the best international experiences and practices that suit their business and legal requests.

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