Provision of Services

We endeavor to employ all our potentials and capabilities with the purpose of accomplishing our clients’ objectives and goals. Consequently, you can totally depend on the expertise of our Firm Lawyers and consultants who diligently strive to define each client needs individually in an efficient, professional and speedy manner. Thus, we designate a follow up officer to directly interact with the client supported by a team of Lawyers and consultants to ensure that the best needed services are provided in all project phases.

Professionalism in service provision

Our team is highly professional and uniquely organized within our system. This allows our clients to rely trustfully on our high quality consultation services provided by a group of specialists and experts guided by the best profession standards and practices. Our lawyers hold highly recognized academic certificates and multiple practical experiences which qualify them to provide the required and sound legal consultations in all fields in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. Furthermore, our lawyers and consultants are fluent in many languages enabling them to adapt with the requirements of clients of various nationalities thus earning the culture of interacting with different clients all over the region.

Easy to communicate

We fully recognize that communication with the client is of highly important and sensitive issue, that is why we always keep our working team under our client disposal at all times whether in case of round the clock commercial dealings, provision of urgent legal advice, or management of business development. We entirely focus on the necessity to respond to our client needs immediately and professionally as required in provision of highly standardized services.

We have High Caliber Staff,delivering the highest quality of advice

We retain high caliber staff. At all levels, our clients can be confident that our advice is of consistently high quality delivered by professionals working to the highest standards. Our Lawyers are variously educated in and qualified to practice in different jurisdictions across Europe, North America, Saudi Arabia, and other parts of the Middle East. We are multicultural and multilingual.

We have Depth of Experience

We offer all our clients the benefit of many years in-depth experience serving many industry sectors, from all sides of major transaction, bringing you a combination of expert legal knowledge, practical understanding, and applications to our clients’ business.

We are Accessible We know that keeping in touch is vital.

Our people are at your disposal, whether it is round the clock transaction, urgent commercial advice, or management of our relationship. We respond quickly and professionally by delivering the highest standard of service that our clients have come to expect. • We are Innovative and Proactive We know that our clients need value adding solutions and advise that will give them a competitive edge. Our people work proactively in identifying alternative and legal approaches and new ways of delivering effective results. Our innovative solutions have acted as business enablers for clients in some of the largest and most complex transactions in recent years.


We always keen to understand clearly our clients’ requirements, and to reflect them in professional satisfactory legal services. To protect our clients, we keen also to use clear legal drafting without any ambiguity or uncertainty, whether drafting in Arabic or English languages. To serve our clients in an utmost beneficial and expected manner, we are not rendering only the deliverables but we will fully discuss them with the client to enhance his legal position. We are keen to review our deliverables several times to ensure their utmost suitability.

 Time frame

Some works require high degree of accuracy and urgency; therefore, we are keen to assign such works to a work team with high level of concentration and awareness, equipped with the required expertise and able to accomplish the business requirements according to the clients’ interests.


We care with utmost diligence for the confidentiality of our clients’ business as confidentiality constitutes part of their privacy, which they require us to keep when they contract with the Firm and hand over their works. All information provided by the client will be protected and maintained in strict confidentiality. We will not disclose the name of the client or any of its business or projects.